My Foot Reflexology is the best spa ever! Superior service.  The staff are professional.  I have been coming here since it opened and tried all the treatments.  Amazing hand pressure.  I highly recommend booking an appointment.  I have never been disappointed.

Julie Minshull Johnson (Oakridge Location)


From our valued customers. 

I LOVE Coming Here!

Just had my weekly back massage at the Park Royal Reflexology location and BOY, do I feel great!  Came in today with a head-cold and all stuffed up; Tom, with his usual care and attention, managed to relax my tense shoulders and eased the ache in my head.  I usually get a deep-muscle massage but asked for a 'gentler' routine today and he obliged, with just the right amount of pressure.  What a great place to relax to loosen up those tense muscles!

Carol W (Park Royal Location)

All of the staff are very kind, friendly and accommodating. Each one of the massage therapists have a unique style and touch so you are sure to find someone you like.  At My Foot Reflexology, they seem to combine many therapies from around the world, shiatsu, tuina, etc., to make a whole new experience for the customers.  After sessions they offer tea or water along with a sweet rice biscuit to further allow you to relax and take it all in.  The ambience of their place is very peaceful, with classical soft playing music and a waterfall fountain in the background. Very often I'll find myself drifting off to sleep in the chair during a back massage and that type of comfort is exactly how it should be.

Jenny Brice (Park Royal Location)

I would give My Foot Reflexology a 5 star rating! Their attention to detail such as the selection of relaxing scents for the crystal gel foot bath and actual China tea cups to sip during the treatment were excellent. Days after, my legs still feel relaxed from the work Jonathan did to get the knots out of my feet. Great job!  

Sarah Braun (Guildford Location)

All week long I look forward to my regular reflexology treatment, it is my "gift to self". I am a registered nurse and over time those long days on my feet make them ache at day's end . However, after a treatment from my wonderful Ayako, a hot cup of  jasmine tea .... I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the day. The atmosphere contributes to a relaxing , spa like environment and I love it! Everyone needs to experience this kind of treatment.

D. Brown 

My 11 year old daughter has been enjoying and benefiting from My Foot's kids reflexology package for the past two years. As a competitive swimmer, she appreciates the health and wellness benefits that she receives from reflexology administered by experienced and friendly therapists. She particularly enjoys the fun foot balm (made locally from natural ingredients) that is added to the foot bath and she is always excited to discover the hidden surprise toy that pops out of the balm in the water. She enjoys the pampering and impeccable services she receives from the staff throughout the entire visit and keeps asking to go back. My family has become a regular client of My Foot Reflexology and we always feel welcomed and looked after by the staff. We enjoy the family experience at My Foot Reflexology and we highly recommend it to our friends and family all the time. It is definitely a relaxing experience!"  

Randa M. (Park Royal Location)


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I first went to My Foot Reflexology because I was given a gift certificate.  I thought a foot rub would be nice but it was actually great! I felt so relaxed afterwards!  After that visit a few years ago, this treat turned into my regular go-to place to relieve stress and turn my day around.  When I’m having a tough day, an hour in those relaxing chairs with my feet being expertly soothed is a lifesaver.  I even bring my assistant with me because she works so hard and needs some relaxation too.

There is a spa-like feel in My Foot: nice lighting, faint background music and amazingly cozy, reclining chairs with your own throw blanket and pillow. I love my cup of tea and rice biscuit with subtle sweet crunch.  The unhurried and very detailed work that they do on your feet is truly pampering.  I seem to be able to take more pressure sometimes and less at others, so they will vary it for me.  I often take advantage of packages and enjoy a massage on top of the foot reflexology.

I’m truly grateful for the trained, talented and kind staff. There are only a few businesses that can make you feel better in a short time for a reasonable amount of money. This is one of those gems.

Jennifer M  (Coquitlam Location)

What can we say other than... Ahhh. The beautiful and passionate therapists at My Foot Reflexology put everything into making us feel good. Every time. Every therapist. They care. The friendly counter staff make you feel welcome... It's always about the customer. It's an easy place to lose yourself from the day to day and relax. Ahhh.

Warren, Leesa & Ruby Hanna (Coquitlam Location)

I enjoy bringing my twins with me for a family outing. They get the kids reflexology treatment and I receive the 45 min foot treatment. Not only do I get to have my treatment but the kids are occupied  with their treatment and read books or draw pictures leaving me time to relax. The therapist are great with the kids and they really enjoy it. My daughter is always asking when are we going for our next 'foot rub'. As a bonus they kids fall asleep pretty quickly that night.

Sherri McPeake (Guildford Town Centre Location)